Curiosity Conversations as an Employee Benefit

In this month’s newsletter I want to explore curious communication as an employee benefit. To attract and retain talent, large companies offer a range of benefits such as health care, sick leave, paid vacation, tuition reimbursement, and 401k contribution matching to support our welfare. Imagine a world if corporate learning and culture could provide opportunities to teach, nurture, and  communication as benefit. 

You were hired for your expertise  for a particular role, function, or skill which was a result of years of education and experience. Although you may possess superior subject knowledge, talent, and skill for that particular position, your overall success and development is based on working and collaborating with others. At the heart of interactivity is trust and respect which is built on communication, a skill shaped by our environment. Our economy financially rewards us for certain degrees and merit and yet curious communication, which is the key ingredient towards success, often gets lost in the shuffle. 

Right now, we live in a word full of noise. Its chaotic and overwhelming and adrenalized by a variety of 24-7 news sources. Although our world appears unorganized, our leaders are intentionally communicating fear and anger to the mass population as a tool to manipulate our feelings and emotions. Now imagine a world if just 5% more of the population possessed curious communication skills to decipher between what is fact or fiction in our work and home life.  Professionals could be more engaged in their roles, leaders’ management style could lead to greater employee retention, and company culture would support innovation and greater productivity.

People would be more open, more confident, more resilient, and happier.

To nurture curious communication, check out this months 5 articles to read:

The Trait and State Curiosity by Todd KashdanProvides a more psychological and scientific examination of curiosity as a state and trait of being. Profesor Kashdan deeps dives into curiosity as the heart of growing relationships and your conscious self. Curiosity is essential to problem solving explores how curiosity allows us to grow our intuition into a thought and Further develop an idea. Curiosity is the state in which support discovery, examining an idea, changing our perspective, and generating excitement. How to ask more powerful questions explores how curiosity can be used to ask questions that are open-ended, clear, and  present to have better outcomes. Cultivating Curiosity for More Fulfilling Relationships explains how curiosity can deepen relationships as it provides a tool to open up and connect.  Is Curiosity a Positive or Negative Feeling explores the role of curiosity as a feeling and its impact as its relates to our views o o view of others. The lens through which we feel and then see the world then reflects our experience.

If you enjoyed these articles continue to stay curious through a curiosity class or course – live or on demandsubscribe to the You Tube channel for the latest video, or sign up for our private Facebook group to participate in a discussion or follow us on Instagram.

See you next month!

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