Curiosity Conversations for Managing Difficult Conversations

In this month’s edition of Curiosity Conversations, I want to explore the use of curiosity in communicating the difficult conversations.

A difficult conversation is uncomfortable. Leading a difficult conversation requires an ability to communicate open, honestly, and with empathy about the intent to reduce the fear, uncertainty, or unknown. Emotional words, actions, or mindsets challenge a successful conversation, prevent connection, and erode relationships.Using curiosity can support us engaging in conversations from a place of positive intent and lead to better outcomes.

Any difficult or uncomfortable moment in our lives is a challenge. These conversations may awaken past wounds in us or the person with whom with are speaking or they may also require moments of silence and patience in order to move through them. Using curiosity, we can examine our past, find ways to connect with the person that we are speaking with, and find a way to move forward to realize a better outcome.

By using our curiosity, first you can define the intention of the conversations and the effect on the receiver. You can use curiosity to identify the best time and place to host the conversation. Curiosity can support your mindset, word choice, and actions in delivery of your message.  As a receiver, nurturing a curious mindset supports your ability to remain calm, resilient, and open to receive the conversation’s message. Curiosity allows the receiver to ask clarifying connections and support the relationship.

Here are this month’s 5 articles:

Using the 6 C’s to have scary conversations In this article the author uses the word “scary” as another word for difficult or uncomfortable. 

Curiosity is the cure for ignorance In this article the writer seeks to show the readers the importance of applying our curiosity in our discernment of fact or fiction. 

Curiosity is essential for problem solving shows how curiosity is an essential skill that supports our ability to listen to another which is the secret to solving problems. 

How curiosity can elevate your leadership game is written for everyone to understand how curiosity can support their mindset and actions in life – to take initiative, to understand the source of emotions like fear, and to brainstorm means to be more effective.

You want a great career! You have to stay curious! I love this article and brief video. It shares how curiosity   enhances your professional journey.

I hope that you enjoyed this series of articles. If you are interested in joining my next Curiosity Conversation lunch and learn webinar, you can see the topics and register here! 

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