Corporate Programs

Curiosity Conversations is a professional development program that is delivered as a course, keynote, or subject matter lunch & learn modules.

Curious employees are the heart of corporate engagement with 41% lower absenteeism, 59% lower turnover, 21% high profitability, and 26% higher revenue per employee. Is it a surprise that curious companies have lower hiring costs? 

Nearly a third of employees are disengaged in their workplaces, on their teams, or in their roles. As a result, these employees are more likely to contribute the bare minimum to their roles or resign more often. No employees joins a company with the intention of not fully participating or realizing their full potential. So what happens after Day 1 and what can leaders do to prevent disengagement?

Are you an employer who wants to:

  • Re-engage employees in their roles by improving their communication skills
  • Increase employee engagement within their roles, teams, and companies  
  • Lower employee turnover and overall hiring costs
  • Foster safe and inclusive workplaces  
  • Encourage employees to embrace open mindset in culture
  • Improve diversity and inclusion engagements
  • Support employee professional growth
  • Support innovative ideas, thoughts, and processes

Then, let’s bring curiosity into the workplace and empower your employees to embrace the curious mindset, words, and actions that will lead to better outcomes for your company.