“Curiosity Conversations” is a seminar designed to create better outcomes for the employee experience to increase innovation, employee engagement & retention, and overall productivity through increasing the amount of curiosity in your culture.

Curious employees are the heart of corporate engagement with 41% lower absenteeism, 59% lower turnover, 21% high profitability, and 26% higher revenue per employee. Is it a surprise that curious companies have lower hiring costs? 

Nearly a third of employees are disengaged in their workplaces, on their teams, or in their roles. As a result, these employees are more likely to contribute the bare minimum to their roles or resign more often. No employees joins a company with the intention of not fully participating or realizing their full potential. So what happens after Day 1 and what can leaders do to prevent disengagement?

The ability to have a solid employee experience is based on communication that can be enhanced with curiosity. Company cultures and businesses are changing rapidly, and the culture shift can easily lead to fear and miscommunication that reduce engagement, retention, and productivity. Curious people can have uncomfortable conversations that are assertive and not aggressive, anxious, or argumentative.

Employees that are curious are:
• Less fearful, more open, and happier
• More inquisitive, more resourceful, and more collaborative
• More in their workplace
• More innovative

Curious people are MORE PRODUCTIVE.

Curiosity can help your company achieve better outcomes:

  •  Create a learning culture
  •  Teach employees the basis of an open mindset
  •  Understand rapid changes in industry
  •  Effective communication with remote working
  •  Manage Diversity & Inclusion efforts 
  •  Build collaboration on teams
  • Navigate networks, industries, and organizations
  •  Designate work responsibilities on virtual teams 
  •  Develop creative solutions to problem 
  •  Apply empathy to sensitive situations
  • Support innovative ideas, thoughts, processes, and results

…and much more! 

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