Experience the energy and passion for curiosity firsthand!

To learn more and book an introductory Curiosity conversations email Robin at robin@diplomatbooks.com

Start your journey of curiosity with our “Introduction to Curiosity Conversations” which can support:
• Foster safe & inclusive diverse work environments
• Influence colleagues without pressure, guilt, or shame
• Manage or work productively on hybrid or remote teams
• Communicate assertively and not aggressively
• Improve collaboration, trust, and respect with colleagues and on teams
• Communicate with influence on teams
• Develop innovative and creative solutions to address challenges or future issues
• Designate responsibilities and systems of accountability
• Understand unconscious bias towards colleagues
• Manage interpersonal conflict
• Work more productively with remote working or hybrid situations
• Deliver or receive feedback with positive affect
• Participant in difficult or uncomfortable conversations
• Apply empathy to sensitive situations
• Manage change or workplace transformation with reduced stressed
• Navigate resources in their networks, industries, and organizations
• Understand and respond effectively to rapid changes in industry
• Manage DEI programs
• Support a learning culture
• Develop innovative ideas, thoughts, processes, & results