Curiosity Conversations for Remote Working

For most of us, since March the world has been working remotely. Suddenly our society leaped from the 20thto the 22nd century overnight. Now that it appears that the world will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, I wanted to address working remotely in this month’s curiosity conversations. 

Working remotely is major change to organizational design, communication, and engagement. Moreover, there are cultural norms and biases held in individual belief systems about what is work and what is adding value to your team.

Professionals that are successful at working remotely can manage difficult conversation, build relationships based on trust and respect, give and receive feedback, foster safe and inclusive work environments, and demonstrate a resilient, open, or athlete’s mindset

If you enjoy this month’s message, watch a sample class or  sign up for my online, self-study class on working remotely this fall or watch one part of on this you tube webinar.

To support better outcomes with remote working, check out this month’s 5 articles:

How not to be a Curiosity Killing Boss explains the unconscious actions that can discourage curiosity in their team culture.
Using 6 C’s to have scary conversations provides the reader with a framework for managing difficult conversations.
Stay Curious in times of Uncertainty explains how curiosity can be your greatest tool in navigating changes occurring at home and work.
How to inspire curiosity in your team explores how curiosity improved the company culture and productivity at Kendra Scott.
How to instill curiosity in the workplace addresses the impact of increasing curiosity to your company’s culture.
I hope that you enjoyed this month’s message. If you want to deep dive into better outcomes for remote working, join my online, self-study class on working remotely which deeps dives into communication techniques to support success when working remotely.

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