Curiosity for the Future

Curiosity Conversations for the future! 

Happy 2021! As you turned your calendars and start this new year, I invite you to consider curiosity as a part of your new year’s resolution or new habit.  During 2020, perhaps your life may have  felt like every day was January, and now that it is January once again it seems like life has become like living in a tunnel and we are all wondering when will a new season truly arrive.

In the past year everyone has lost someone or something – a job, opportunity, friend, love, relative, ritual – which was important to them.  With loss comes grief and anger and fear. Regardless of what changes you have experienced there is stress in the grieving process and being told “to get over it” is not enough.  Will life every be the same? What will life look like the future? For some of us facing unknown or uncertain futures is not exciting or welcome.

Over the past year curiosity has been my savior on so many different levels.  I lost my love  and work opportunities. I often found myself going down a rabbit hole, stuck, or going in circles too. To dig myself out, open up, and move forward, I relied on curiosity. 

I used curiosity to understand how I was feeling in the moment. I used curiosity to ask myself what I needed to feel safe or how to take care of myself. I used curiosity to imagine other possibilities and think through ways to move forward. It has been difficult and tested my patience on many occasions and sometimes many times a day. More often, however, curiosity supported my resilience and perseverance find another solution. In certain scenarios and to my welcome surprise, these solutions led to improvements and better outcomes that I could not have imagined from the start to support my future.

increasing the amount of curiosity as one of your resolutions or new habits. To support the growth of curiosity, I have added weekly posts to my website. If you want to read the 100-word Monday posting, you can subscribe here.

Here is this month’s collection of 5 articles on curiosity:

Let Curiosity Lead the Way In this graduation letter, a future college student talks about the power of curiosity to determine a path in life. This beautiful letter reconnects us with 

How to Focus on your Career on the Future In this brief article, the author highlights curiosity as a tool to manage uncertainty in life, set intentions for the short, intermediate, and long term, and use curious to explore possibilities.

4 Reasons Why Curiosity is Important The brief article reminds us of the importance of curiosity.

14 Masterful Ways to Foster Curious and Innovative Teams Becoming more curious can be achieved in simple ways. Here is a list of ideas! 

Cope with Anxiety by Getting Curious For some, thinking about the future and various possibilities is a source of anxiety. Engaging your curiosity into the process provides you with a tool to stay open and imagine possibility to move forward and manage uncertain outcomes.

So here is to adding 5% more curiosity in 2021!

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