Curious- Are you a critic or a coach?

Given how life is “opening up” and how our daily interactions are increasing, I wanted to use this month’s newsletter to use curiosity as a tool for to understand communication that is coaching and not criticizing. Although the desired outcome maybe improvement, support, or insight, criticism and coaching are two different actions that will have entirely different results. Have you ever watched the coach in … Continue reading Curious- Are you a critic or a coach?

Curiosity, an introduction

In this monthly newsletter, I share 5-curated articles about curiosity and its impact, which you can apply to your professional and personal lives.  Curiosity is like a muscle; it is a skill that can be learned and strengthened over time. Curiosity fosters patience and inquisitiveness. People that are curious are less fearful, more open, and more confident. Curious people are happier. The ability to understand … Continue reading Curiosity, an introduction