Curiosity Conversations for Educators is offered three ways this fall! 

Saturdays in November 6, 13, 20, &27th from Noon to 1pm EST


Join a 6 hour continuing education experience which will improve your communication skills and support better outcomes in your classrooms, schools, and community.

In this course, participants will learn how to improve their mindset, identify their communicaiton strengths and weakenesses, and incoporate curiosity into their daily lives.

Curiosity Conversations” is a workshop designed to create better outcomes through increasing the amount of curiosity with your mindset, communications, and actions.

Curiosity Conversations participants are caring, engaged teachers looking to sharpen their communication skills and level up their teaching skills and life. 


Are you a teacher who wants to:

  • Re-engage with their role by improving their communication skills
  • Incease student engagement in their classroom
  • Improve the learning experience in your classroom
  • Lower student absenteeism
  • Foster safe and inclusive classrooms
  • Strengthen the learning culture and desire for achievement
  • Grow professionally and personally


Course at a Glance:

Duration: 6 hours 

Format: Seminar style lectures that include time for live, personalized Q&A, discussion, and networking. Registration fee includes all teaching materials, reading links, and homework assignment.

Deliverables: Each module includes supporting coursework that can be completed at your own pace and will provide customized assessment and results to each participant based on their circumstances.

Professional Development: 6 hours of PD, Texas Educators 6 hours 

Commonly asked questions by prospective participants:

• Can I manage the course with a busy work-life schedule?

Yes, the class was designed to be flexible and broken down into parts that allow you to go at your own pace if you need to adjust participation to your schedule.

• How does this class fit within CTLE requirements?

Curiosity Conversations has been approved by the Texas Education Board for 6 hours PD credits. Successful completion of the course earns participants 6 hours of CTLE credits and additional 4 hours with the completion of homework. Teachers in the following states are eligible to submit this class for consideration: AZ, CO,DC, HI, ID, IN, KY NH, MA, MN, MO, NJ, NY, OH, OK, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV.

• I am not sure if I want to commit 6 hours to a learning program right now?

Consider registering for a mini module this fall which is a 45 minute deep dive into each topic of the class and see if this course is a fit. You can see the full list of seminars here!

• I do not work in administration. Is this relevant to me?

Yes! Curiosity Conversations is design to teach and nurture curiosity as a tool to improve your professional communication and collaboration. The course explores principles of the curious mindset, communications, and actions that are easily applicable for better outcomes.

• What skills do participants gain over the course?

After each class, you will be able to able several principles to your communication and employee engagement that can lead to better outcomes immediately.

• I cannot attend ever class. Will the content be recorded?

Consider enrolling in the on-demand option to participate at your leisure. All participants have 90 day access to the portal.
• I love the concept and feel that my school could benefit immensely. Can I attend with other teachers?

Yes! I love to work with groups and teams! If you have a team of more than 5 people, contact people for custom scheduling and special pricing.