Year End Message

Over the past month, I started this month’s newsletter at least ten times. It’s the last message for the year and also the end of a second year of Curiosity Conversations.  I started off with intentions of discussing applying curiosity for feedback or defining the future. This newsletter marks the completion of my second year, and I wanted to end the year with noble and inspiring words. With each day, the news had become bleaker. As  public health took an unexpected turn for the worse and upended holiday plans, big and noble words become increasingly inappropriate.
The curious thing about unexpected turns is that they can be incredibly wonderful too! And I decided to go back to the beginning and be curious about the good.
December 2021 marks the 2nd Birthday of this newsletter whose community has grown to more than 4,000 professionals. I am grateful for your interest and participation over the years. It’s always a privilege and honor to connect in person with you. The growth and popularity of curiosity has been a major unexpected surprise for my career. I believe that curiosity is the most important life skill and having the opportunity to nurture curiosity in others is an incredible privilege.
To sign off, I am ending this year with the same way that I began by sharing my tips “3 Easy Actions to add curiosity to your company for immediate impact”.  The shareable image is posted at Curiosity Conversations on Instagram.
I am excited to share this month’s collection of articles. Curiosity is gaining increasing recognition as more journalists and organizational behaviorists document its significance for career success!
Amid the Great Resignation, Curiosity is an increasingly important skill for employees according to a new study
Curiosity is the Hot New Skill: 5 Ways to Set yourself Apart in your Job Search
The Business Case for Curiosity
Curiosity is no longer just nice to have
Why leaders must cultivate curiosity in 2021
Despite all of the uncertainty in the world, I hope that you end the year with a peaceful and curious heart.

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