Now a year into work from home, how engaged are you, your employees, or your teams a year into the pandemic? How are colleagues communicating? Collaborating? Coordinating?

For many companies, engagement is highly correlated to their corporate culture, and remote work has either helped them emerge stronger as a team or  uncovered cracks in accountability, team support, communication, and a general lack of humanity.

Curiosity is the basis of engaged employees, successful company culture, and profitable companies. Engaged employees add value to their teams with their open and learning mindset. More engaged employees are 41% less absent, 59% less likely to resign, and 89% more likely to recommend your company as a workplace. More engaged and stronger company cultures are 20% more profitable and earn 26% more revenue per employee!

Curious cultures are engaged and thriving.

Companies that are thriving have emerged stronger as a result of the pandemic because it forced them to embrace digital transformation. This innovation mindset enabled them to address remote workforce needs as well as foster better collaboration as they reinvented their business models for the future of work.

Cultures that are unengaged are  surviving.

The pandemic exposed that most organizations were not as agile as they thought. In a year without direct contact in meetings, elevators, and watercoolers, remote work has brought to light many issues that had been swept under the desk. Unengaged cultures struggle to adapt because of their reliance on “they way things needed to be done” for communication, learning, outdated tools, overcomplicated systems 

 Does your company’s culture rely or require that your employees be in at a specific place and time or can your teams remained engaged and thriving in our current environment?

Below are this month’s curated articles about being curious to identify your company culture and curiosity:

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I am excited to share that this summer I will be teaching a “Train-the Trainer” course for talent development professionals looking to add curiosity into their company culture or development materials. If you are open to learning more about the benefits of curiosity and my method, reply to this email and I would love to schedule an exploratory conversation.

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