Curiosity Conversations for creating safe & inclusive work environments

Curiosity Conversations: Creating Safe & Inclusive Work Environments

Creating and safe and inclusive work environment is the most important part of a company’s culture. Safe and inclusive work environments are defined by open communication, transparency, and high employee engagement. Safe and inclusive work environments are built on trust and respect.

People that work at companies with safe and inclusive work environments often say that “they love going to work” or “they love their colleagues”. In strong corporate culture’s there are unspoken norms which protect, nurture, and maintain the environment. These cultures consist of confident, secure, or happy individuals who often choose to hire individuals like themselves. In companies where this value is strong, employees embody, nurture, and protect this value consistently.

Companies may define “safe and inclusive” in their mission, values, purpose, or beautiful websites, and yet, due to a lack of consistent management, human resource professionals, or poor hires, these values are ignored. More often than not, many employees, managers, and leaders due to prior life experiences have grown accustomed or normalized unsafe or exclusive work environments as a matter of go survival, acceptance, or herd mentality. Most often, young professionals do not begin their career as jerks, narcissists, or assholes. They become that over time as a matter of survival, to receive promotions, or because it’s the accepted behavior. As time passes, time the issue goes unchecked, adapts the culture, and erodes long time employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

As you go on this journey to become more curious, you learn that you can only control yourself. With a mindset of accountability, you can tweak your behavior 5% so that your colleagues recognize that you are trustworthy, supportive, inclusive, and a “safe” person in their life with whom they can be open, honest, and vulnerable to achieve better outcomes in your work environment.

To support your journey for these lessons and growing your curiosity, check out these 5 articles:

How to build curiosity is a brief articles which emphasizes the benefits of a curious mind. Namely, a curious mindset allows you to be open and live in discomfort or uncertainty.

Using th 6 C’s to have scary conversations discusses a framework that uses curiosity to support an open mindset and to de-escalate emotions in your conversations.

Just be curious is an interview with a media personality. At the heart of her life’s journey, curiosity serves as a tool to foster better relationships.

Curiosity is essential to problem solving discusses how curiosity can help you establish connection and built trust with others.

How to not be a curiosity killing boss discusses how a leader can use curiosity to ask clarifying questions and support team engagement.

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