Curiosity for building relationships built on trust and respect

In this month’s edition of Curiosity Conversations, I want to explore the use of curiosity to build relationships based on trust and respect with your colleagues in and out of your respective company.

Relationships that are strong and endure challenges are built on a foundation trust and respect and not resentment. In your employee experience, what is the impact of curiosity in building trust and respect with your colleagues? Conversations become communication and not gossip, support is not interpreted as sabotage, and influence is achieved without pressure, guilt, or shame. Increasing the level of curiosity to your communication will improve the clarity of your intent, bring empathy to your engagement, and or redirect relationships to produce better outcomes. I hope the tips, tricks, and insights from this collection of articles support your curious communications.

Is Curiosity a Vice? I love this  podcast episode from the podcast of Father Mike Schmitz. I am not Catholic, but I love how he explains how the characteristic of curiosity can help you be empathetic and vulnerable to grow your relationships or deep dive your pursuit of knowledge to become an expert.

How to ask more powerful questions The article is curious about the construction of impactful questions.  It breaks down the  “Why” and “How” and provides you with a video link to test the quality of your question asking skills to have conversations with better outcomes.

The importance of hiring curious people The article discusses how curiosity is the more trait that should be stated in a job description. Curiosity supports business changes, transformation, and innovation as well as a positive and “can do” attitude in embracing a businesses evolution.

Want a great career? You need to stay curious I love this discussion that provides several recommendations on how to be curious In your professional life. There is also a short video which explains how to apply these tips.

We need more curiosity, less fear and extremism In this short opinion piece, the author discusses divisions that exist in our world today. It’s a statement of society and also provides the prescription on how curiosity can bridge the gaps in understanding our differences.

If you enjoyed this series of articles, I would love if you could join me for my next seminar Curiosity Conversations, an introduction, will be held the evening of February 12, 2020, in New York or March 11, 2020. If you are free, I would love if you could join.  RSVP here!

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